About Our Farm

Rocky Hill has been located in North Saugus, MA since the early 1920’s. Back then the primary business was the raising of live stock. Today we have evolved into organic recycling of yard waste to produce a high quality compost to be used in the enrichment of soil. We are fully committed in the recycling of organic material and producing a by-product that is good for the environment. Recently we facbricated an in-vessel digester that composts grass clippings, leaves and food waste (fruits and vegetables). The raw material goes in the digester and in three days it is completely broken down into compost. It is then put into windrows for another 4 weeks to fully mature. The next stage is to screen the compost in our McCloskey Trommel screener. The compost can be spread on fields for the growing of vegetables, used as a soil ammendment, turf dressing, erosion control, potted plants or used in heavy soils to increase drainage.

We also offer a complete line of products for the commercial landscaper including a compost enriched loam, stone products, bark mulches, and an organic recycling yard that accepts brush, grass clippings, wood chips, logs, stumps and food waste (fruits and vegetable). Rocky Hill also has 15-20 yard dumpsters available for rent.

Our employees are the back bone of our business and are just as committed to the recycling of organics and keeping yard waste out of landfills. The 4th generation is now working at the Rocky Hill and will continue to carry on into the future.


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